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Warm marriage is sweet to the bone


In a family marriage, Yan Shiqi married Qin Baiyu, the fourth lowest-key young man in the Qin family.
After marriage, the low-key four young men changed their introverted style and showed their affection from time to time.

The assistant came to report: “Shao Qin, my wife’s ex-boyfriend just posted on Weibo for reconciliation, and 30 million fans have an online party!”

The man had sharp eyes and a low tone of voice: “Take his Weibo hacked!”

The assistant re-reported: “Qin Shao, some media reported that Mrs.’s brand clothing is high imitation.”

The man’s Qingjun’s fingertips held cigarettes, and lightly breathed out the smoke: “Contact the brand and host the world’s only spokesperson conference!”

Assistant three reports: “Shao Qin, Madam…I want a divorce!”

The man put down the documents in his hand and glanced at the reproduced little bun next to him, “Your mother is going to divorce!” The little bun ‘oh woo’ took a bite of ice cream and said gruffly, “Daddy, Mommy has worked so hard to raise me. Give me more support, crabs!”

Warm marriage is sweet to the bone
Associated Names: 暖婚甜入骨
Genre(s): romance
Year: N/A
Status: 2252

List of Chapters:

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