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A desert , white sand where life and death touch the sky .

The white lion I met on the threshold of death

He reaches out his hand to Soha, who has fallen bleeding .

“ Stop … Uh … … .”

You can’t die like this .

In the imperial palace where intrigue and danger are

I came to this place to survive .

The only village hidden in the sand bar ‘ Saho ‘ maiden , bikers] Yeah .

When I rescued a dying man and held his breath, he was the prince .

“The grace that I gave alive , you must never forget .”

A fateful lover encountered in the desert called’Death of the Moon ‘ .

If you don’t become a prince, the only thing left is death .

Soha’s temptation begins toward her who holds the key of the trust .

“ If you want anything other than lips ,

I’m willing to give out anything .”

Associated Names: 청해
Hwayeon Yoon Heesoo
Genres: romance
Year: January 31, 19
Status: N/A

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