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He Ting Huating


The crown prince Xiao Dingquan’s young mother and sister are not close to his father. His early experience made him desperate for his family and always wanted to keep the only relatives around him. For his father, Xiao Dingquan is respectful and fearful, both expecting his father’s affirmation and fearing the dilemma when his hopes fail. The book written by King Qi and his father-in-law caused Li Baizhou to repeatedly cause trouble, not only persecuting the only cherished people around Xiao Dingquan, but also deepening the gap between Xiao Dingquan and his father.

The prince teacher Lu Shiyu had hoped that Qingliu Luying would succeed him as the prince’s solid backing. Unexpectedly, Lu Yingxi, the daughter of Lu Ying, met with the prince and secretly promised her life. After the close people were murdered, Xiao Dingquan, who was deeply influenced by Lu Shiyu’s Confucianism, firmly fought against the villain’s conspiracy with the rule of the gentleman in his country. Lu Wenxi, after his father and brother were in trouble, became the Dongfu female officer and silently guarded Xiao Dingquan.

He helped him solve the military horse case and the nursery rhyme case, and finally made the father’s and brother’s grievances clear, and the adulterous giant beetle was brought to justice. Xiao Dingquan and Lu Wenxi are also deepening their emotions when they cooperate with each other. Two small bull by the horns cowardly and brave people afraid to sacrifice, in order of stalemate peaceful boat accompanied.

He Ting Huating
Associated Names: Royal Nirvana
full of snow liangyuan
Genres: novel, Romance, Antique, Love
Year: 2018
Status: 89

List of Chapters:

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