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Library of Heaven’s Path


Library of Heaven’s path is an excellent novel that every beginner should try. The story features the handsome Zhang Xuan. He appears to be an ordinary librarian of a small high school in today’s day and age.

However, something very disastrous happens and he dies in a freak accident that involves a fire and because of this, he moves on to a very different world. In this alternate dimension however, things are not easy for him, and he’s just a crackpot of a teacher called Zhang Xuan in an academy called Hongtian Academy in Library of Heavens Path Novel.

The academy is mysterious and cryptic, and it has an evaluation exam for all the teachers who come there as well. Unfortunately for Zhang Xuan (From Library of Heavens Path Light Novel), he fails his exam and becomes the very first person in the world to ever get a zero. On top of that he even misguides a student and ends up sending the entire academy in a fit of panic.

Because of this, he becomes extremely depressed as he has no students in his school. To drown his sorrows he turns to alcohol for support and dies because of alcohol poisoning. However, this provides an opportunity for him which he did not even think was possible.

Library of Heaven’s Path
Associated Names: Tian Dao Tu Shu Guan
Heng Sao Tian Ya,横扫天涯
Genre(s): Action,Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Martial Arts,School Life,Xuanhuan
Year: 2016
Status: ongoing

List of Chapters:

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