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Mr. Gu treats me like treasure


“Su Ning is just a waste!”
“Su Ning is too vicious. She framed her younger sister and beat her mother.”
“A person like her should get out of Nancheng.”
At a banquet, everyone surrounded Su Ning who was sitting in a wheelchair yelling, and the indifferent and vicious Mr. Gu suddenly appeared and held her in his arms, “She is my wife, fuck! Who dares to move her, try test!”
Four years ago, she left Nancheng in despair because of his abolished legs.
Four years later, she insisted on marrying him as his wife.
Everyone was waiting for Gu Jingchen to dump her again, but no one knew that Mr. Gu had set up a four-year bureau just so that she could return to her side.
Later, when he spoiled Su Ning to the extreme, Nancheng discovered that Mr. Gu was ill and he wanted to spoil his wife!

Mr. Gu treats me like treasure
Associated Names: 顾先生待我如宝
Indus rose late
Genre(s): romance, novel
Year: N/A
Status: 1430

List of Chapters:

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