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Mo Shao, don’t be sleepy


“I don’t want to admit it when I raise my pants, eh?” A photo, a lawyer’s letter, she was accused! Charge, forcibly sleep the most noble prince in Nangang City! Weiwei smiled, “I’m sorry, I was wearing a skirt that night.” The prince’s eyes were dark, “The innermost piece is not pants?” Weiwei said, “…” The prince brought two small buns. , One person hugs Weiwei with one leg tightly, “Mommy~” “…” “For the sake of the child, I barely get married.” “…” “Little Yuzi wants his brother, and Xiao Longyan wants his sister. Well, I can do it again. Barely once.” “…” To your uncle! Who wants you to force it!

1 child and 2 treasures: Mo Shao, don’t be sleepy
Associated Names: 1胎2寶:墨少,別貪睡
Gu off the North
Genre(s): Romance Crossing, Serializing
Year: 201X
Status: 3329

List of Chapters:

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