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New marriages are like fire


It is not misdiagnosed as a terminal illness, and I dare not borrow her 10,000 courage Knocked on his door while drunk. “Huo Shao, let’s have a heartbeat?” “How to play?” “Bidong, will you?” He stretched out his hand to squeeze the cigarette out of his fingertips, raised his eyes to look at her, “…” She blushed and said, ” It was the men who forced the women to the wall…” “So?” He threw away his cigarette butt and slammed her against the wall, and his hard body was pressed up, his slender fingers stroking his blushing lips.

New marriages are like fire: fresh wives, two births
Associated Names: 新婚甜似火:鮮妻,二胎生一對
Gu Luobei
Genre(s): romance, novel
Year: 2017
Status: 2570

List of Chapters:

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