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Legend of Fei


During the Yong Ping year in Hou Zhao, corrupt officer Cao ZhongKun of the North Capital seized the throne, causing Li Wei of South Dao to “become a bandit by the emperor’s order”.

Twenty years later, Jian Yuan Seventeenth Year Spring. Xie Yun, a youth of unknown origins, arrives at the 48 Strongholds of Shu Mountain with the An Ping Ling in hand to ask ‘Sir Gan Tang’ Zhou Cun (Zhou YiTang) to leave the mountain by the request of Liang Shao, the Prime Minister of the South Dynasty.

Three years later, Zhou Fei, the third generation master of the Po Xue Dao, leaves the mountain by order, thereby entering a world of disputes between the jianghu and the imperial court.

Legend of Fei
Associated Names: 有匪
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Historical, Josei, Martial Arts, Romance, Shoujo, Wuxia
Year: 2016
Status: 61

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