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How to divorce your perfect husband


The marriage market went out without expectation, hope, and will. The partner of the winning bidder makes strange words.

“I wish to have a normal family with Mr. Ami. Not limited to meaningless show windows… Sincere relationship.” Expectations and hopes that had been killed beforehand writhes. Maybe even the special heart I had from the beginning.

But it didn’t take that long. He even realized that there was something wrong with a completely perfect husband .

“I told you not to do anything like this. I hate itching.”

A harmonious family, full of wealth, and perfect sex- the perfect wife who must only exist outside the line he has drawn. My heart was cold as if abandoned. I couldn’t bear it.

Finally, in front of Ami, who said divorce, the man revealed a claw that had never been shown. Like a monster from her fairy tale myth-“I’ll let you know if you want. It’s the kind of true relationship you’re talking about.”

How to divorce your perfect husband
Associated Names: 완벽한 남편과 이혼하는 법
Genres: romance
Year: April, 2019
Status: N/A

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