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Husband is bad and strong!


He fell in love with his brother’s woman, blocked her, broke the window, picked the lock, and did everything. When she met her ex-boyfriend, he was furious, “Sang Xia, if so many women in the world still like you, I’m a dog!” She turned around without hesitation, and he said from behind: Wang! Rong Zhan likes Sang Xia crazy, the whole world knows it. Someone asked: Master Zhan, why is your sister-in-law worthy of your so stubbornly liking. Rong Zhan lazily replied: Long hair and big waves. “On this one condition?” Rong Zhan stared at a woman and suddenly smirked. She: “…” Nima, where’s this face?

Husband is bad and strong!
Associated Names: 老公狠壞,狠強勢!
Fu nine
Genre(s): romance, novel
Year: 201X
Status: 2631

List of Chapters:

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