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Meet again today


Gu Ziyi has a scum-absorbent physique. She has three predecessors in total, and each of them is the best. The first Phoenix male, the second Mabao male, and the third…Oh, the best scumbag.
Unexpectedly, after five years of separation, he would actually stage a scene of chasing after his predecessor. The scumbag ex, who was once a “limited couple” with him, started chasing her after returning home? After chasing down, Luo Lian confessed for the first time, wearing a suit and leather shoes: “Miss Gu, I like you.”
Gu Ziyi: “A good horse doesn’t eat grass.” After chasing down, she confessed for the second time, Luo Lian moved to her next door: “Miss Gu, be my girlfriend.”
Gu Ziyi: “Rabbits don’t eat grass around the nest.” After she confessed for the third time, Luo Lian chased her to Italy: “Miss Gu, I love you.”
Gu Ziyi: “Old cows can’t eat tender grass.” Then smiled slightly and added: “You are the old cow, and I am the tender grass.”

Meet again today
Associated Names: 今已再相逢
Jin Weiyang
Genre(s): romance
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

List of Chapters:

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