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Ilsa (日邪) and Wolma, the most cruel woman in the world.

Two of the Moorim Shippa (武林十覇), which refer to the ten superpowers who have crossed the human level, and are also called Ilpae (日覇) and Wolpae (月覇). They suddenly disappeared from Moorim.

A year later, Cheongpung and Fingering wake up after having a love affair in a deep mountain.
Surprisingly, they don’t know who each other is. The two people are thrown into the wind and luck with amnesia who do not even know who they are. When the martial arts unfold, you will become a demon, and if not, you will become the best person in the world .

Associated Names: Ilsawolma
Genres: manga, Martial Arts
Year: 2019
Status: N/A

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