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Uncle Loli with


She entered the Luo family, and her father loved her grandfather and became the little princess of the Luo family who no one dared to bully. He is her uncle in name. The method is cruel, and she swears to achieve her goal, but she met her soft and cute and deceptive, holding it in her hand for ten years, and she couldn’t let it go anyway. When she was six years old, she chased him: “Uncle, hug~”, he walked by coldly. When she was twelve years old, she lived in his house, and she hugged the pillow pitifully: “Uncle, I can’t sleep alone~” Then she rustled down next to him. When she was sixteen, she was in her youth, but he did not allow her to get too close to other boys, and he liked to imprison her by his side no matter what the occasion. When I was twenty, I woke up in the morning, damn! Why is Uncle in his bed! He also grabbed her who wanted to run, and stamped her lips on his cold lips: “Hey, sleep a little longer.”

Uncle Loli with
Associated Names:
submerged night seventy-seven
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Year: n/a
Status: ongoing

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