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Mrs. are playing online every day


Lu Shao: “My sweet wife is weak and can’t take care of herself, why are you bullying her?”

Everyone: “???”

Lu Shao: “Read the book well, turn it so fast, you can remember a few words.”

Gu Mang again Pick up a book and look at ten lines.

Shao Lu had a headache: “What should I do if I meet a baby who doesn’t like to learn?” What else can I do, petting.

Until one day.

“Master, several well-known universities in Beijing are robbing ladies, and super-first-class universities abroad are also robbing people!”

“Master, several Chinese medicine research institutes are fighting to kill you for your wife.”

“Master, several famous international lawyers. Everything is robbing the wife.”

“Master, several big hacker organizations are here too…”

“Master, several big consortia are also here…”


Lu Shao: “Damn! Get all out of me!”

Mrs. are playing online every day
Associated Names: 夫人每天都在线打脸
south with feeling
Genre(s): novel, romance
Year: N/A
Status: 838

List of Chapters:

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