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180 days until divorce


There is such a time .

When the whole universe seems to be hoping for my misery .

” Attributable Friday 50 calm million dollars shall be liable to the company ?”

One mistake was for poor international student Seo Eun-jae

The same time now that made over 500 million in debt .

There are times like that .

When you know it’s a trap but there’s no way other than to fall .

” Hold it . Seo Eun-jae needs help right now .”

Jung Ji-seop with a kind smile and arrogant eyes

A time like this when reaching out to offer a nonsensical deal .

β€œ If it’s not just selling the body, anything … … .”

β€œ I need Seo Eun-jae’s body .”

Is this rope of salvation , Is Hell express train .

There was no explanation . Even time for conflict is luxurious .

When we had to hold onto anything, let’s hold the hand of temptation ,

β€œThe next 180 days .”

β€œ Yes … … ?”

β€œBe my wife .”

I have a husband . 6 months old , overly handsome husband .

180 days until divorce
Associated Names: μ΄ν˜ΌκΉŒμ§€ 180일
Genres: romance
Year: March, 2019
Status: 91 chapters

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