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Domineering Shuangbao


“Xiao Yuci, you are so bold that you let my daughter call someone else’s daddy for so many years! Do you know the consequences?” Xiao Yuci smiled lightly and asked, “What are the consequences?” Pack you!” “Let go of my mommy!” At this moment a pair of babies broke into the door. Male treasure said: “If you dare to bully mommy again, be careful that you do not protect you from the North International!” Female treasure said: “If you don’t be gentle with my mother, I will never recognize you as a daddy!” , Daddy, dare you not surrender? !

Domineering Shuangbao: Daddy, dare not surrender!
Associated Names: 霸气双宝:爹地,敢不投降!
Ouyang Xiaoxiu
Genres: President, Modern Romance
Year: 2018
Status: 992

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