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I Have Five Big Dad


The little monk who was raised in the mountains by his master since childhood Ruan Ruan knew that he had five fathers very early on. At the age of six, the master wanted to leave and told her to find her fathers. Dad No. 1 looked at those who mocked his baby daughter with a smile, “My Mu Shen’s daughter is a wild girl with no money? Ruan Ruan, Dad just bought you a private jet, the name is after you It’s named, so I’ll tell my dad where I want to go in the future.” Dad on the 2nd arrogantly announced, “This is my girl, my dear.

If anyone tells her something bad on the Internet in the future, he will have trouble with me.” Dad touched his soft head, “Hey, if anyone at school bullies you, come and tell Dad, Dad will help you clean him up.” Dad No. 4 saw the little girl running over and quickly took out the cigarette from his mouth and threw it away. Go to the trash can, “Don’t get angry, baby, dad won’t smoke anymore.” Dad No. 5 took the newly developed intelligent AI to show off and put it on the baby under the envious, jealous and hateful eyes of other dads, and then Was softly cupped his face and kissed.

“Baby, don’t take this off. In the future, it will be automatically located if you encounter danger. Dad can find the baby at the first time. If the baby is accidentally lost, Dad will pick you up.” The other dads were instantly angry. “How do you say you, do you think Ruanruan is a road idiot just like you?” Jiang Jincheng”…………………” With so many old husbands, the journey is bumpy.

I have five big boss dads
Associated Names: 我有五个大佬爸爸
Odd and even odd
Genre(s): Martial Arts, Cultivation, novel
Year: N/A
Status: 543

List of Chapters:

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