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National Fairy is the President


In order to successfully inherit the presidency, she forcibly kissed the man who most girls in the country want to sleep, and made headlines. She never expected that he would come to settle the bill, but last night, she was a woman, and now… She gritted her teeth “I am a man!” He turned a blind eye, raised his hand and turned off the lights… The next day, Yan Yanshi wrapped in a high-collar shirt attended the presidential coronation ceremony, and saw a dark blue dress and dark shoulder armor. Man, suddenly his legs tremble and become weak. She is the president. He is a six-star general who has the hereditary throne. Is he “coming out” publicly?

Ye Shao’s sharp favorite: the national fairy is the president
Associated Names: 夜少心尖寵:國民妖精是總統
Gu off the North
Genre(s): Romance, Novel
Year: N/A

List of Chapters:

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