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Poor Night


“Isn’t it possible to do something that didn’t happen last night?”
“Let’s do it one more time. I want to do it one more time.”

It was the first time.
Finding a partner that fits the body as if made for each other
The relationship between the two, just the boss and the secretary, changed that night.

“I don’t like to sleep with the former boss again.”
“Why. Wasn’t my technique bad? It wouldn’t be.”
“I am not a stupid person who repeats the same mistakes twice.”

Song Ga-ryun, a woman who is uncomfortable with her name.
He barely swallowed the curse to pop out of innocent questions.
My bosses were Torai, Playboy, and Psycho.

Cha Kang-woo, a man who has to do whatever he wants to lose his temper.
Again, I did not intend to miss the food I caught.
I had to know what was the abnormality in my fluttering heart.

“Then what is it that you like me?”

My heart, which was trembling thinly with a careless word, stopped.
The eyes that wanted to covet the memories of that heartbreaking night came into contact.

“You know that a doglike cub only chooses doglike things.”

Poor Night
Associated Names: 가련한 밤
Eunwoo Jung
Genres: romance
Year: May, 2019
Status: N/A

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