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Temptation, flowing moonlight


“ One of you welcome him tonight as your husband .”

A word from my father who was favored by the scammer .

The older sisters were angered by my father, but I was different .

“ I am Chaehwa, the third daughter of the Jang family .

I want to serve you, my father’s benefactor tonight .”

In the appearance of a bum who constantly rejects himself

The moment I tried to give up in the end ,

“ I will be the one that you can’t handle .”

His eyes met him , and his hot breath reached the nape of his neck .

‘ Why am I doing this … … .’

My heart was taken away by the burning gaze

The moonlight over them was sweet and fascinating .

Temptation, flowing moonlight
Associated Names: 유혹, 흐르는 달빛
Genres: romance
Year: 2019
Status: N/A

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