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Daddy Come, The Superstar Mommy Lives Next Door


Framed by scum girl, entangled with the mysterious man overnight. Fleeing hastily, returning with his son. Erbao: Our most important task is to help Mommy find a boyfriend. Dabao nodded. Erbao: But what if Mommy finds her boyfriend and daddy also pops up? Dabao frowned. Erbao: If Daddy is handsome, we will accept him and return the goods if he is not handsome. Dabao nodded. When Mengbao arrives, Daddy will take the call.

Daddy, come, superstar mommy lives next door
Associated Names: 爹地快来,巨星妈咪住隔壁
Chaomu Chengxue
Genres: President, Modern Romance
Year: 2018
Status: 1096

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