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The Empress Dowager Whitewashed


Shen Hongying became addicted to playing the game Krypton Gold, but never wanted to wear it in the ancient cub raising game he played… Become the vicious stepmother of the little emperor’s cub. The queen mother, 18 years old The queen mother is really a bit of a big critic. There is Zhongguo Gong as my dad, and the Prime Minister Zaifu below is his own uncle, and there is also a Dingbei general who is my grandfather standing behind! Everyone thought that the queen mother was going to usurp the throne, but Shen Hongying only wanted to set up a good cub for himself. Who would have thought that he would attract the clan king to follow infatuatedly, and the loyal and good general Ganbai under the skirt; Don’t panic, I can wash it! Rong Heng: “What does the empress dowager want to wash?” Shen Hongying: “…to take a bath for mandarin ducks?”

[Small theater fragment] Everyone says that the National Normal University is holy and inviolable. But seeing the empress dowager’s chin hooked to Master National Normal University, smiles all over her eyes and said: “It’s so beautiful, I want it.” Rong Heng:…The world cursed the queen dowager for viciousness, relying on power to do whatever they want. Later, in the candlelight bed, the former holy and abstinent Master of the National Normal University, pressed her into the corner like a trapped animal, begging in a mute voice: “If you want, why should you escape?”

Is the Empress Dowager Whitewashed Today
Associated Names: 太后娘娘今天洗白了吗
Qing Jiushu
Genres: Novels, Martial Arts, Cultivation
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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