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The Ghostly Doctor


She, the master of the modern hidden gate, specializes in doctors and poisons, is good at assassination, a perverted ghost in the eyes of the world, died in an accident, but was reborn on a disfigured girl. Status changed? Hopeless to return to the family? The identity can be dispensed with, and the family can not return, but the person who harmed his predecessor, if he does not take revenge, can he be worthy of his name as a ghost doctor? Once the storm rises, the heroes fight for hegemony! Let’s see how she walks the world in a red dress, the sword picks up the crowd and shakes the sky!

The Ghostly Doctor
Associated Names: Gui Yi Feng Jiu, Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor, 鬼医凤九
Feng Jiong
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Martial Arts
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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