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The God Virus


What happens when a genderless Artificial Intelligence who is proclaimed as one of the worst in mankind’s history travels back in time from the unreachable future to the modern day and makes himself a true living body?

Burning with desire, she thought, ‘The first person I witnessed upon coming to be in this world was him… the first person I thought of was… him.’ A Love of the… same race.

“I always had you in my heart… why aren’t you choosing me? I love you so much that the word ‘Love’ can’t even begin to describe what I feel anymore… but why!?” She screamed with tears rolling down her face, just to see…

Grabbing her aching chest, another thought, ‘The moment my eyes fell upon him, time stopped, everything went quiet, and I knew immediately… that he was ‘the one’ for me-‘ A Love… beyond race.

“Do you truly love me? Even though we are together… I never heard the word ‘Love’ voiced by your lips directed at me-” She voiced gently, only to hear…

An Artificial Intelligence… now with a true living body!

Will he struggle in his new life?

Will he experience novel feelings and things he never did previously now that he has a physical body? Love maybe? And if so, what kind of Love?

What Will his choices be as an entity with a monstrous amount of knowledge? Will he choose the path of a King who rules over all? Or a Demon who does as he wishes? Or maybe an entirely New Path altogether?

The God Virus
Associated Names:
Genres: Action, Sci-fi
Year: N/A

List of Chapters:

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