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I’m Upgrade by Selling Moe


He was born again. This is not terrible. It is not terrible to cross the world where mutant bugs run around.

The point is … he regenerated a panda, and also obtained a moe selling system. A panda’s heart collapsed, and his life was gone. He obviously broke the table, but he had to upgrade by selling moe!
People all over the world are excited! The marshal’s companion beast’s combat effectiveness is invincible, and all the peculiar mutated insects will be killed by one claw!

What’s more … it’s so cute.

The rumor said that the panda was holding the Grand Marshal’s leg slowly and slowly, and showed the Marshal with the barely visible wound on his paw, grieving, “It hurts, I’m injured.”

I’m Upgrade by Selling Moe
Associated Names: 我靠卖萌来升级[星际]
Genre(s): Comedy, Rebirth, Shounen Ai, Urban Life, Yaoi
Year: N/A
Status: 196

List of Chapters:

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