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Gantaek of the Wolf


A girl who was abandoned in Muhyeonsa and grew up as a cloth-barrier , Yeoni-seo .

” Say hello . He is your father .”

I have parents who haven’t been there in my life of 17 .

But the name came down without a chance to rejoice .

“To marry ?”

I go to the three Emperor Daemyun to get married .

To the cruel and grotesque imperial thugs .

The Three Emperors , Dan , who endured everything to survive .

“ From the first day of wedding, please do not be unpretentious .”

Here is a low-fare From women like eyesore .

A sad woman who is being used only without knowing the secrets of her birth .

“ Not so . If you want to take off the ritual clothes .”

I wanted to protect it because I knew it would be unfortunate if it was tied up with me .

Yeoniseo outside the imperial palace that looked clear and happy .

“Isn’t I right in the rain of lowering ?”

The wall of the heart broken by the pathetic question .

“As long as you are my companion, I have no intention of letting you go .”

The skein of ties only by yourself .

The harsh test that must be overcome to protect

They come in order in front of Dan and Lee Seo .

Gantaek of the Wolf
Associated Names: 늑대의 간택
Jaehyun Ryu
Genres: romance
Year: 2019
Status: N/A

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