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Sweet Relationship


Yoo-joo Min,’Deputy Min,’ a marketing team with a lively mindlessness. Two men hovering around her who are currently in unrequited love.

“Are you going on a blind date? Don’t do that.”

Seowon Jin, a popular explosive personnel team with an attractive drowsy look. Yuju, who is unfamiliar with his old friend’s sudden change of attitude, is excited.

“You know what? Deputy Min, smile when you are with me.”

The impression is cold, but the friendly and caring marketing team, Seo Jin-young. I am confused by his aggressive dash, but my heart is pounding without help.

“What is the life of a popular man.”

It’s a romantic mood that bloomed in earnest with a sudden confession. The old wounds stabbed like thorns keep her running away. A large hand approaches her asleep and wraps her forehead. Even after waking up, my heart trembles with the warmth that will not be forgotten. Will Yuju be able to find the owner of the vague and sorrowful hand?

Sweet relationship
Associated Names: 달콤한 사이
Yang Hee-yoon
Genres: romance
Year: 2019
Status: N/A

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