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Without words


“ Why did you ask me to have sex ? Because I was the man in front of me?”

“Because you are handsome . Are you ?”

I was drunk and mixed my body with the juniors I met again .

Just , it seems that I want to kiss .

” Because I like it . Did you hate that I am a persistent man ?

Say it’s your first love .

What would it have been like if I had met Shineon at that time , somehow, time becomes a waste .

Man accidentally appeared on the life of Eugene was just dry , mantras .

Again , he comes in front of her who believed that separation was the best .

Secretly without being able to notice like a hot tangled breath .

“ Is it wet ?”

“ What ?”

“ I stood .”

Without words
Associated Names: 말도 없이
Yangyoon Choi
Genres: romance
Year: 2019.10.03
Status: complete

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