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The Rebirth of Wife


In the previous life, she created the famous Yun Ting Entertainment for him to help him win the family inheritance, but he was destroyed by his family on his feast day.

The family of three was burned into coke. Waking up from a rebirth, she was Miss Su’s eldest daughter. She lost her life at the wedding banquet because of her escape, making Pei and Su the latest jokes in the business community. Facing the dowry that is related to half of the family property and the husband known as Haicheng’s first playboy, if she wants to avenge her parents and herself, she must save this precarious marriage.

But why is this husband who looks so confusing so unfathomable… The Pei Su couple revenge teamed up, stepping on the scumbag, kicking the scumbag, and vowing to show the end of the show in front of the spotlights of the world!

The Rebirth of Wife
Associated Names: Rebirth of a Wife, Emperor and Young Wife Can’t Apologize, Rebirth of a Wife: The Emperor’s Heart’s Pet, Chong Sheng Gui Qi Zhi Hua Li De Fu Chou, Rebirth, Chóngshēng guì qī, Rebirth of Your Wife: Emperor Shao’s Pleasure”
Lu Fei
Genres: novel, romance
Year: 2018
Status: 1417

List of Chapters:

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