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Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband


“Lu Lijun! what’re you doing?” “Shhhh! Let me see where that bastard touched you.” Licking her earlobe, he said, “Nobody is allowed to touch my wife.” “I..AM..NOT…YOUR…WIFE..” “Dare to say that again and in no time you will see yourself on that bed under me…and I’ll make sure, you won’t be able to get a rest for even a single moment, till the morning.” _ _

At the age of twenty, Jiang Yuyan married her love Lu Qiang, an heir to one of the most powerful business families in the capital. Tragically, three months later, an unfortunate accident cost her husband’s life. A series of unfathomable incidents compelled Jiang Yuyan to marry her twelve-year-old brother-in-law Lu Lijun, who’s eight years younger to her. Her new marriage meant nothing to her more than just an act to protect the people she cared about. She planned to leave the Lu family after Lu Lijun became independent and spend the rest of her life with the memories of Lu Qiang which she treasured for all those years, but that turned out to be her wishful thinking. When Lu Lijun returns from the States after ten years, he realizes that he is in love with her and wanted her to be his wife.

However, she rejects him. What will unfold when he confesses his feelings to her, knowing that she will never accept him? Will he be able to make her fall in love with him? Will her heart come alive again?

Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband
Associated Names:
Genres: novel, Comedy, Romance
Year: N/A

List of Chapters:

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