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Sweetheart V5: BOSS is Too Hasty


“Uncle! What is your husband? What is XXOO? How did the child give birth? Why do they say you are so handsome Not close to your legs?” Jing Yiren, a 14-year-old arrogant little princess with both civil and military integrity and ability, became the 19-year-old wife of the president of Lu Group. The above doubts are definitely a question that extremely tests the body, mind, brain, and body cells. Facing his wife who called him “uncle” the first time he woke up, Lu Ming expressed a headache! Faced with so many problems, he can only tell her with practical actions-“Come, lie down.”

Sweetheart V5: BOSS is too hasty
Associated Names: Evil Less Divided Bed: Secret Love Little Sweet Wife
spend two treasure
Genres: love, romance
Year: 2018
Status: 1487 Completed

List of Chapters:

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