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I wish you, spring


Lee Bom, a woman like the spring breeze that melts the cold ice walls. An unexpected winter faces a man who had to hold onto his grandfather’s bookstore .

“I want to keep it. But what you suggested eventually…
It’s because you cheat someone for a price.”

Seo Ji-hyuk, the man who stopped in the middle of a desolate winter. An unexpected spring is found in a woman who was forced to catch her because of her parents trying to use her .

I don’t think it’s about fooling others , it’s about helping me.”

We thought we were living in so different seasons, but when we held each other’s hands, we stood side by side in a season.

I wish you, spring
Associated Names: 너를 바라, 봄
Jeong Soi
Genres: romance
Year: October 14, 2019
Status: N/A

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