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Billions of Husbands are Super Awesome


In a substitute marriage, she became the victim of her sister’s escaped marriage. From the eyes of the public, she became a notorious abandoned daughter, and she became the wife of the imperial capital Huo Siqing. She naively thought that she was married to love until she was lying on the cold operating table, and finally saw his cold and merciless gaze. “You are just her heart container, and I will never fall in love with a vicious woman like you in my life.” Yun An’an was finally discouraged and ran away from his side resolutely.

Four years later, they met again at the banquet. Everyone was waiting to see the jokes of the abandoned woman Yun An’an, but they saw it—the rumored abstinence and coldness, and Mr. Huo, who is not close to the female sex, pressed her in the corner and kissed her strongly, resisting the entangled sweet scene. . “Mr. Huo, please let go!” “Yun Anan, stay by my side, give you my heart and my life…”

Healing wives for marriage: billions of husbands are super awesome
Associated Names: 替嫁医妻:亿万老公超给力
Genres: President, Modern Romance
Year: 2018
Status: ongoing

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