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Ex-Husband is too bad


A year ago, he forced her to marry her with a marriage certificate, and often made various shameless requests. A year later, he ruthlessly tossed her a divorce agreement. I thought that if he wanted her and then abandoned her, the entanglement between the two of them could end. He never thought that he, who was already an ex-husband, would not let her go… One night… “Leng Yuntian, we are already divorced, how can you let me go?” Bai Yiyi watched helplessly as she approached. He asked weakly. He only trapped the girl who wanted to run strongly and domineeringly, and he threw down a sentence: “No matter whether you are divorced or not, your body, including your heart, can only belong to me. You are not allowed to escape in this life!”

Ex-husband is too bad
Associated Names: 前夫太坏
Shangguan Zhenyao
Genres: President, Modern Romance
Year: 2018
Status: ongoing

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