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Explosively Favored Ex-Wife


“Xia Annuan! Even if you break your feet this time, I won’t let you leave me again!” Originally, she thought there would be no more involvement between them, but she never thought that goodbye five years later, he Will be so gaffe. “It’s okay for me and you!” “It’s okay?” He curled the corners of his lips wickedly, “But, just now you were begging me, is it okay?” Her little face It burst red, “Shut up!” With a click, the bedroom door was pushed open, and the curious baby looked confused. “Daddy, Mommy, you’ve been yelling for a day, are you tired? I’m tired just listening.” She thought that the person he loved was not her, but it was a long time later that she knew that after she left him Later, he swallowed a whole bottle of sleeping pills…

Explosively favored ex-wife: husband
Associated Names: 爆宠前妻:老公,不可以
An Xiaoluo
Genres: President, Modern Romance
Year: 2018
Status: ongoing

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