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Good night, My Husband


Before getting married, Xia Chenxi thought that she was just a decoration at home, so she could get divorced when her contract expired. After getting married, the cold and abstinent Luda became a spoiled wife, crazy demon, and wanted to spoil her, and finally made her realize that getting in the car is easy to get off! If you say you don’t touch her, it’s fake! Not only does she have to fulfill her obligations as a wife, but she also has to give him an heir? After pregnant with the buns, Xia Chenxi became frantic: “I will get a divorce if I say yes? Why did you let me be pregnant with your child? You also tore the contract!” Lu Yuting said seriously, “Why do you want to divorce the wife I married by my skills ?”

Strongly pet your wife: Good night, my husband
Associated Names: 强宠娇妻:晚安,老公大人
Genres: President, Modern Romance
Year: 2018
Status: ongoing

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