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Return to Childhood Abduction


Back when I was a kid, those who bullied me in my previous life. Wait for me to see how this girl cleans up you. But who can tell me why the male god lives next door to my house, but when I was a child, the male god is so cute and cute. I don’t care if I take it home first. But, how could the cold male god unknowingly treat me so well? Male god, did you take the wrong script? Hey hey hey, don’t come here, I’m still young! Beast! How did the little sheep suddenly become a big bad wolf! Uncle police, I want to call the police, there are some hooligans here.

Return to childhood abduction
Associated Names: ι‡ε›žε„Ώζ—Άζ‹η”·η₯ž
Suifeng Jingqing
Genres: Modern Romance, Rebirth
Year: 2018
Status: ongoing

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