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She has amazing the world again


In the previous life, Ye Meng owed her IQ, was coaxed by her fiance and stepsister, broke her legs and lost everything. In this life, IQ is online, and no one can stop her astonishing the world. The scum man: “Ye Meng looks average, and the figure is also very average. How can he compare with my peach and peach.” Ye Meng came downstairs, and the scum man: “Is this a god?” The girl said proudly: “My design I was once praised by the world-renowned designer angel.” Ye Meng: “I’m sorry, I am angel, I have never praised you.” The scum girl: “I am the default heroine of this play. You are a newcomer. I buy a cup of coffee.” Ye Meng: “I’m sorry, I am the investor and screenwriter of this play, and I have never said that my play has a female lead.”

Sanye, madam, she has amazing the world again
Associated Names: 三爷,夫人她又惊艳全球了
Genres: Modern Romance, Rebirth
Year: 2019
Status: ongoing

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