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Warm Chord


This young and immature but profound love that even a cruel break up cannot change. They took a decade yet still cannot heal their injured hearts. Even though they have found new companions, they are still unable to quell their empty and lonely hearts. Who will make the first move to lure the other back? The love between men and women is like a war. Just a smile, a kiss or a confession and you will surrender. But he immediately announced his marriage with another woman. Is this love or revenge? Ten years ago, she suddenly disappeared without a word. This caused him immense pain throughout the years, so is he seeking revenge? This so-called everlasting love, perhaps is really no match for the hatred that developed with the passing of time?

Warm Chord (Here to Heart)
Associated Names: 温暖的弦
安宁 An Ning (HE)
Genres: novel
Year: 2018

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