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Gaming God Secretly Loves Me


Three years ago, the Emperor League disintegrated, and the gaming genius Mo Bei retired in a low-key manner. Three years later, she disguised herself as a man and returned with her name. From being cast aside to re-entering the altar, she attracted a lot of people! He is handsome and abstinent, with countless fans, and everyone in the gaming circle does not know him. At the beginning of joining the team, he said to her: “Be safe, don’t think too much.” Later, her identity was exposed. He lifted his eyes from the table and stood up slowly: “After getting married in the game, I want to start chaos and give up. ?Ok?”

Gaming god secretly loves me
Associated Names: 电竞大神暗恋我
Zhan Qishao
Genres: Modern Romance, Love
Year: 2018
Status: ongoing

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