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Rebirth of the Mad Wife


In a rebirth, she changed from the first commander in the last days to a cowardly and incompetent giant lady. At first sight, she was covered in blood, calmly traded, helped him win the drag racing championship with a god-level operation, and then walked away. Goodbye, at the wealthy dinner, she kicked the sister who wanted to make her foolish into the pool, shocking the entire Kyoto circle. When he saw her for the third time, he raised his eyebrows slightly, “From today, I will be your legal husband with a license.” However, there are too many dogs to intervene, and he can only sell cute, miserable and lure.

“An An is going abroad? Why are you still stunned? Go buy a plane!” “Go on a mission? Go, what guns and artillery you can buy the best!” What? Hook up with someone of the opposite sex? A certain man: “Hey, you’ve changed, you don’t love me anymore~” She narrowed her eyes and buckled him against the wall directly. The corner of her mouth was lightly raised, “Cute, I want to…” Powerful chasing his wife shamelessly, the heroine is cold, powerful and domineering, and spoils each other in the city.

Rebirth of the mad wife
Associated Names: 重生之异能狂妻
Genres: Modern Romance, Rebirth
Year: 2019
Status: ongoing

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