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Refusing to Marry a Black-Bellied President


The last thing Su Rou regretted in her life was marrying Bo Mujue. For three whole years, this man was extremely indifferent. He regarded her as nothing, and even brought his childhood sweetheart and former fiancee into her and his house in a high-profile manner, just to force her to sign a divorce agreement… However, it was in Suroudi.

After the signed divorce agreement was gone, Bo Mujue came to the door again and again, threatening and seducing her just to get her home again. Su Rou was angrily: “Bo Mujue! What are you going to do! We are already divorced!” Bo Mujue wrapped the little woman who was trying to escape in his arms, “Leave? Then we will get married again! Su Rou, take us both. Child, where do you want to escape?”

Rich personal pet: refusing to marry a black-bellied president
Associated Names: 豪门私宠:拒嫁腹黑总裁
mushroom-picking rabbit
Genres: President Rich Modern Romance
Year: 2018
Status: ongoing

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