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The Inescapable Sweet Love


When we first met, Xi Chen Han was counterattacked by a little sheep. At their second meeting, did she forget him? He got angry, “Woman, let me help you recall your previous passion.” When he met her for the third time, he lightly curled his lips, “Yu Xiao Qiao, be my fiancee.” He spoiled her to the extreme,
but will this hidden love mystery last? Finally, she couldn’t bear it anymore, “Xi Chen Han, let’s get divorced.” Xi Chen Han smiled evilly, “Want to get a divorce? In your next life then!

The Inescapable Sweet Love
Associated Names: The Inescapable Sweet Love
Ning Anran (original) + Yan Qiang Dongman
Genres: manga, Manhua, Romance, Slice of Life
Year: 2019
Status: ongoing

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