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Tempting your pet’s wife: Domineering president lightly love


That year, he suffered a car accident, paralyzed his legs, suffered a remorseful marriage, and entered the trough of life! That year, she was unparalleled, willing to suffer humiliation, and insisted on marrying him, just at the time of her bright years!

His temperament changed drastically, he was violent and ruthless. She took good care of him and was unwavering. When he finally met him infatuatedly, he was photographed in the spring breeze of her and childhood

Tempting your pet’s wife: Domineering president lightly love
Associated Names: 诱宠娇妻:霸道总裁轻点爱
stained qi
Genres: romance, novel
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

List of Chapters:

  • Chapter 1 No Wedding Car
  • Chapter 2 The Embarrassing Wedding Night
  • Chapter 3 Deliberately Making Things Difficult
  • Chapter 4 Are you reminding me that I am a lame
  • Chapter 5 I didn’t mean to
  • Chapter 6 Shameless Woman
  • Chapter 7 She is a Stand-in
  • Chapter 8 I must protect you
  • Chapter 9 Give Up For Her
  • Chapter 10 I know you did it on purpose
  • Chapter 11 Gifts from Mother-in-law
  • Chapter 12 Does the Tang Family Have No Pajamas For You?
  • Chapter 13 Treat her slowly
  • Chapter 14
  • Chapter 15 Painted

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