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Yin-Yang Master in High School


After my heavenly trial went awry, I woke up becoming a Japanese high school student. Though I had intended to keep a low profile, someone started to notice my existence…
Meet my Headache No.1: Lady Tamamo-no-Mae, the legendary nine-tailed fox from Japanese mythology, now posing as a high school girl and my roommate—
“Hey! Onmyoji! I will defeat you one day!”
“Onmyoji? Do you mean Yin-Yang Master? No no no I am just a mere Taoist cultivator.”
This is how I ended up involved in the affairs of demons, spirits, and also… curious human girls.

Yin-Yang Master in High School
Associated Names: Du Jie Bian Cheng Gao Xiao Shen, High School Taoist ,渡劫变成高校生(中文)
Genres: Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Manhua, Romance, School Life
Year: 2019
Status: ongoing

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