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Best fortune: Husband is Big Wolf


People in Yunzhou City know that there is a notorious second lady in the Su family, and no one wants to marry. Su Ziyue had to find someone to marry him, and finally got married, but her husband was a man with no house, and the car was borrowed, so don’t ask about the deposit, for fear of hurting self-esteem. However, Sanwu’s husband transformed himself into the famous European financial tycoon L. Su Ziyue, the president of K Group, an absolutely rich and powerful man, looked dazed. … “You said you don’t have a house?” “You don’t have a house in Yunzhou.” “You said the car was borrowed!” “Oh, I gave that car to my men later.” Su Ziyue was angry: “Liar! Divorce!” “Qin Muchen narrowed his black eyes dangerously: “If you are not responsible, do you want to sleep for nothing?” Su Ziyue changed in seconds: “No, dare not…”

Best fortune
Associated Names: 最佳幸运:老公是灰太狼
Lou Xiaoyi
Genres: President, Modern Romance
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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