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Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House in the City of Sydney, Australia. The beauty of the great building. The roof is a boat shaped like a scallop shell with a unique, beautiful architecture in accordance with contemporary. Standing majestically at the tip of the cliff that extends slightly into the sea with three seas surrounding the sea. Looks like a blue bay boat, Sydney Opera House or Sydney Opera House. Outstanding Stacked Roof Construction And unique in contemporary architecture. It’s like the look of Australia. And has been registered as a World Heritage Site Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House located at Bennelong Point, Sydney, Australia. The opera house is performing arts center with multi-venue in the City of Sydney and one of the 20th century’s most famous and distinctive buildings. Believe that when you visit opera house. There are many people have seen a shell-like architecture from some TV. The movie is considered a symbol at Australia is a place where tourists want to visit. The Sydney Opera House is also home to theaters, concerts, theaters, restaurants and the National Cultural Center in Sydney. Australia is also a beautiful scenic view, whether in the day or at night and if anyone comes to Sydney and not see the Opera House is mean that you not comes.

Sydney Opera House has a history that before the construction of the Sydney Opera House. Sydney has no place. The town’s inhabitants used to be the city’s showcases but the stage was still incomplete and unsuitable. When Sir Eugene Goosens was appointed Leader Of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and served as director of the NSW Conservatorium of Music in 1947.

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