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Blame you too beautiful


Cheng Lao is ill, an unspeakable disease. She suffers every night. They first met on the turbulent border. With a blood stain and a military uniform, he broke into her tent. She unbuttoned his clasp expertly with a pair of slender hands. He pinched her calf and asked her in a rough voice, “Every stranger who enters your tent has this treatment?” She looked at him with wet eyes and licked her lips: “I’m here to save you. “She walked through the epidemic area with him, through the war, and through the riots side by side. She almost believed in love again, thinking they could stay together to death. Until later, she saw his cruel side.

She knelt in front of him, pulling his trouser legs and begging him: “Wei Chi, let him go, I beg you.” He sneered, grabbed her by the collar and pulled her up from the ground and pressed it against the wall. . “Since you want to beg me, then ask in the way you are best at it.” At that time, she finally understood that Yu Chi was never the god who saved her, but the devil who dragged her into hell.

Blame you too beautiful
Associated Names: 怪你过分美丽
first red universe
Genres: Girl Fiction
Year: 2019
Status: 184

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