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Abide In The Wind


The story of a girl who encounters the last dragon on earth one day. Leana, a gentle girl who spends a peaceful life with her father, reaping simple happiness. One day, while flying in the sky, he is accidentally attacked by a soldier’s poison and rescues Kairak, the last remaining dragon on the ground.

As if attracted by something, Leana, who holds Kairak’s hand, heals Kairak with a force she does not know, and a word from Didan, a servant of the suspicious dragon, who was watching it!
“Would you like to stay with my master for just one year?” And the choice that shakes the fate that continues! Leana rushes to live with the dragon without stopping… …

Abide In The Wind
Associated Names: 바람이 머무는 난, Abide By The Wind, На крыльях ветра, الالتزام في مهب الريح, 我若乘風, 我若乘风, 바람이 머무는 난
Shin Weol
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance, Tragedy, Webtoon
Year: 2011
Status: N/A

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