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Big guys are jealous for me


Gu Wanyu is coming back soon! With all her skills, she tore away the scumbag and abused her adopted daughter. Who knows that he accidentally got involved with the top family in the capital. later. She only discovered that some people are big bosses on the surface, but in reality… “Madam, the female celebrities are blocking the door, saying that they are pregnant with the second youngest child.” “Mrs. Third Young Master is doing other people’s companies for women.

It’s broken!” “Madam, Thousand Degrees of Complaint, the Fourth Young Master hacked their system again.” “Mrs. Young Master secretly ran to fight!” “Mrs….” Gu Wanyu narrowed her eyes dangerously. “Which bastard is it again?” “Yes, Miss Fifth was beaten by the Phoenix man.” The woman gave a long whip in her hand, and her voice was harsh: “Bring someone to follow me, the Lu family must not be bullied!” # Shortly after. The only person who looked normal Lu Ye also ran over, grieving Baba: “Yuyu, she bullied me.” Who knew that as soon as he lowered his head, he saw the disheveled woman lying on the ground. Gu Wanyu: “…”

Big guys are jealous for me
Associated Names: 大佬们都为我争风吃醋
You took a nap
Genres: Novels, Martial Arts, Cultivation
Year: N/A
Status: 582

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